LONGIX-Ca tegen wolluis

Custom-made biological control

Do you work with plants? Are you an ornamental grower, manager of a botanical garden or zoo, gardener or hobby gardener? Then you will undoubtedly have to deal with unwanted pests that affect your plants. We can provide you with specialist biological control agents and professional advice.
We offer a wide range of natural enemies, supplemented with materials such as sticky traps and pheromone traps. With our unique products from our own rearings you can control difficult pests such as mealybugs, scale insects and thrips in a sustainable biological way.
We have extensive experience in applying biological control in many different situations: from large greenhouses with a single crop to botanical gardens with a great diversity of plants. Based on our knowledge, we can provide targeted advice on biological pest control. Our consultants are happy to visit you, but we can often also give advice by phone or email.

In-house rearing

Fresh products give the best results in practice. Because we rear most of our products in-house, we can supply biological control agents that meet the highest quality requirements.
For our own products applies: ordered in the morning = prepared and shipped the same day. This way you are guaranteed to receive a fresh product at home the next day.

Unique products

Combining is the magic word at Entocare. Using both predators and parasitoids in the biological control of mealybugs, for example. We rear unique products that offer exactly the added value that you often need. They are all specialists who especially prove their worth combatting difficult pests or in complex situations. Click here for an overview of our home-grown products.

System approach

Plants, pests and their natural enemies are part of an intricate ecosystem in which all kinds of interactions occur. We respect the dynamics of this system. This is reflected in our consultancy work: we focus on a healthy system as a whole and tackle difficult pests with a combination of suitable products. In this way we want to create a stable situation so that unsustainable outbreaks are a thing of the past.

Our customers

Business customers

From greenhouse cultivation to botanical garden

Effective biological control requires a tailor-made approach. We assist business customers in setting up a sustainable crop protection system. We do this by regularly visiting customers, educating them in pest recognition and learning how to recognize and assess the activity of biological control agents. The monitoring is done by the grower, while we supply all materials and provide support and advice.

Private customers

Vegetable garden, hobby greenhouse or window sill

Are you looking for biological pest control for the garden or at home? Then you have come to the right place! We have a wide range of products specially selected for private customers. These are the same products that are used by professional gardeners, but in a smaller format. You can order these products directly in our webshop!

Our projects

Gebr Bac Cymbidium 307x230


Armoured scales in floriculture

Armoured scales are one of the most persistent pests in floriculture. With the help of two Cymbidium growers, we have developed a successful biological approach against armoured scales.

Propylea in de praktijk 307x230

Vegetable cultivation

Propylea in practice

What started with the spontaneous discovery of a native lady beetle, has grown into a successful product for the biological control of persistent aphids in greenhouse vegetable cultivation.

Orchideeenhoeve hanging baskets 307x230

Botanical garden, Zoo

The Orchidee├źn Hoeve

A great diversity of plant species presents a great challenge for natural crop protection. The biological control at the Orchidee├źn Hoeve is a very good example of such a challenge.