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against (spider)mites, thrips, whitefly

MONTDO-MITE PLUS are sachets with predatory mites for the biological control of whitefly and thrips in greenhouses. The predatory mites like warmth and are most effective when the tempreature exceeds 20°C, which makes this product very suitable for use in greenhouses and other indoor environments. MONTDO-MITE PLUS is available in boxes with 500 sachets that contain predatory mites and bran as carrier material. This product is available for business customers only.

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Product type
predatory mite
greenhouse whitefly, tobacco whitefly, (spider)mites, western flower thrips, onion thrips
Shelf life
2-3 days at 13°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
2 - 3 days
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This product contains the predatory mite Transeius montdorensis. The predatory mite is polyphagous: it prefers whitefly; but also feeds on other pest insects; such as thrips; spider mites and tarsonemid mites.

How does MONTDO-MITE PLUS work?

The predatory mites feed on eggs and young stages of whitefly and thrips species; such as western flower thrips; onion thrips; Japanese flower thrips and echinothrips. They puncture their prey and feed on the contents; leaving an emtpy shell behind. MONTDO-MITE PLUS kcan also survive on other mites and pollen; and can even survive without prey for couple of days. They function best a high temperatures; starting from 20-22°C.

How to combine MONTDO-MITE PLUS?

Against whitefly; MONTDO-MITE is great in combination with the product ENERMIX; which contains two parasitoid species that target both greenhouse- and tobacco whitefly. Against thrips; MONTDO-MITE can be combined with the predatory bug THRIPOR or the predatory thrips FRANKLINOTHRIPS VESPIFORMIS.