ENTOCARE: from 1991 to 2024

ENTOCARE was founded in 1991 by Maedeli Hennekam and Marian Kole, who began to breed and sell natural enemies in Hortus Botanicus Leiden. It started with biological control agents of pests that commonly occur in the exotic plants of Hortus Botanicus. Due to the success of their pioneering work, other botanical gardens became interested in a biological approach to pest control. They decided to quit their jobs as researcher at the university and set up a company. In addition to botanical gardens, indoor gardens of offices, malls, zoos and tropical pools were their main customers. In 1996, ENTOCARE moved from Leiden to Wageningen and since 2002, we are located at the Haagsteeg in the monumental building of architect Blaauw.

In the course of the years our field of work has expanded to floriculture, vegetable cultivation, public green and various outdoor cultivations. The increasing ban on chemicals leads to raised interest in biological alternatives. The growing popularity of indoor gardens and green walls increases the demand for biological control even more. Fortunately, we offer an ever-increasing range of unique products to meet this demand. And not only professional growers can come to us for help. We have opened a webshop especially for the hobby gardener, in which we sell a range of biological control agents, especially selected for use in and around the house. In addition to Dutch customers, businesses from all over Europe have found their way to ENTOCARE.

The team of ENTOCARE is currently composed of eight staff members. Together we are responsible for the breeding, packaging and sending of our products, while providing our customers with advice.

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