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MACRO-MITE - 50.000

MACRO-MITE - 50.000

against thrips, sciarids

MACRO-MITE is a predatory mite that occurs mainly in the soil. It can be used for the biological control of thrips eggs and pupae, fungus gnat eggs and pupae and pot worms. MACRO-MITE is available in units of 50.000 predatory mites and is packaged in a carton container with vermiculite and soil.

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Product type
predatory mite
western flower thrips, onion thrips, sciarids, european pepper moth
Shelf life
2-3 days at 13°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
1- 2 days
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MACRO-MITE contains the predatory mite Macrocheles robustulus. It is a relatively large predatory mite that can be used for the biological control of thrips pupae and eggs; fungus gnat pupae and eggs; and pot worm. The predatory mite is about 0;8 mm long and lives in and on the upper layer of the soil. The predatory mite can be located around the base of the plant; but Macrocheles does not occur in the plant itself.

How does MACRO-MITE work?

Both young and old stages of the predatory mite feed on thrips pupae and other soil-dwelling insects. The mites actively move through the upper layer of the soil and aournd the base of the plants. MACRO-MITE prefers a moist; humus-rich soil with a minimum temperature of 15°C.

How to combine MACRO-MITE

Against thrips; MACRO-MITE is great in combination with FRANKLINOTHRIPS VERSPIFORMIS: a predatory thrips effective against leaf-dwelling thrips. It can also be combined with SWIRSKI-MITE PLUS.