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L. dactylopii / L. abnormis mix - 100

L. dactylopii / L. abnormis mix - 100

against mealybug

CITRIX-Mix is a mix of three different parasitoids that can be used for the biological control of citrus mealybug. Together they control all stages of mealybug. The adult parasitoids are available in units of 25 and 100 and are packaged in a 40 ml jar with shredded paper. CITRIX-Mix be applied in greenhouses and other indoor environments. The product is only available for business customers.

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Product type
citrus mealybug
cardboard tube with adult parasitoids
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
3-5 weeks
Delivery time
1- 2 days
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What is CITRIX-Mix?

CITRIX-Mix contains three parasitoid species against citrus mealybugs: Anagyrus pseudococci; Leptomastix dactylopii and Leptomastidea abnormis. All three mostly parasitize citrus mealybug.

How does CITRIX-Mix work?

The three parasitoid species are great searchers and can find mealybugs over long distances. They feed on water and honey dew in the crop. Anagyrus and Leptomastix have a preference for the bigger mealybugs; while Leptomastidea mostly parasitizes the smaller stages.. The females lay one egg per mealybug. A few weeks after release; the mealybugs swell and become darker. They turn into so called mummies. After another week; the young parasitoid emerges from the mummy through a small hole.

How to combine CITRIX-Mix?

This product already is a combination of different parasitoids. If the density of mealybugs is very high; CITRIX-Mix can be complemented by CRYPTOLAEMUS-adults or CRYPTOLAEMUS-larvae. This predatory beetle is very effective in removing mealybug hot spots.