How to recognize European pepper moth

The European pepper moth is a moth that belongs to theCrambidaefamilyAdults are about 20 mm in size and light to dark brown. They can be recognized by their abdomen that is positioned straight up. Eggs are deposited along leaf veins on the upper– and lowerside of the leaves, individually or in small groups on lower parts of the plant. One female can deposit about 250 eggs that are red and elongated. The caterpillars emerge after a week and grow infour weeks to 2-3 centimeter, after which they pupate. The pupa, which is protected by a cocoon made of soil, develops into a moth after a week. The adult then lives for about ten days. It is assumed that there is no diapause. European pepper moth prefers a hidden lifestyle and high humidity.

European pepper moths damage and distribution

Caterpillars of the European pepper moth live hidden at the base of the plant. They feed from the roots causing plants to wither and die. Stems and leaves are fed upon too. Older caterpillars will drill through the stem,leaving plants more vulnerable to fungal infections.

  • European pepper moth life cycle

    250 eggs per female
    egg to adult in approx. 6 weeks
    caterpillar grow 2-3 cm in four weeks, then pupate
    pupa in silk cocoon with soil and frass

  • European pepper moth host plants

    pot plants
    egg plant

  • European pepper moth caterpillar

  • European pepper moth