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against (spider)mites

SPIDEND is a gall midge that can be used for the biological control of spider mite. It feeds on all stages of spider mite. This product is especially effective for application in greenhouses with a high relative humidity. The gall midges are available per container of 250 pupae. SPIDEND is only available for business customers.

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Product type
gall midge
two spotted spider mite
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
5 days
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What is SPIDEND?

SPIDEND contains pupae of the gall midge Feltiella acarisuga. This gall midge very effectively controls spider mite and also works against several other harmful mite species. The larvae do all the work. They can be found in spider mite hot spots on the leaves. They are usually orange; but their colour may vary between yellow and red. The larvae pupate on the leaf; along the veins. They can be recognized as white cocoons.

How does SPIDEND work?

The adult midges are active during the night; when they search for spider mite colonies. They lay their eggs between the spider mites. The larvae hatch after a week and feed on all stages of spider mite. They attack their prey; sedate it en feed on their contents. Spider mites that have been killed by gall midge larvae shrivel and turn brown or black. Feltiellaacarisuga is especially applicable when spider mite populations are local and big. The gall midge larvae consume around 30 spider mites or 80 spider mite eggs per day. The adult midges do not eat spider mites; but survive on water and sugar.

How to combine SPIDEND

The development from egg to adult gall midge takes about seven days. Therefore it takes at least a week before the effect of SPIDEND is visible. We recommend to always combine SPIDEND with SPIDEX VITAL. These are fast-acting predatory mites that immediately after release start feeding on spider mite.