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against aphids, (spider)mites, moths, whitefly

MIRICAL is a predatory bug that can be used for the biological control of whitefly, spider mite, thrips and butterfly eggs. MIRICAL is very suitable for preventive use. The predatory bugs require time to build up a population. MIRICAL is available in units of 500, packaged in a 100 ml bottle with wood fibre and buckwheat. This product is only available for business customers. For our private customers we have smaller package: MACROLOPHUS PYGMAEUS.

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Product type
predatory bug
greenhouse whitefly, tobacco whitefly, cabbage whitefly, aphids, two spotted spider mite, cabbagemoth, tomato looper, beet armyworm, silver Y moth, bright-line brown-eye
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
2 - 3 days
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What is MIRICAL?

MIRICAL contains the predatory bug Macrolophus pygmeus. Both adults and nymphs are bright green. The adult individuals can be recognized by the antennae; which are black at the basis. The predatory bugs mainly feed on whitefly; but are also effective against other small prey; such as spider mite; aphids and moth eggs. They also feed on plant saps.

How does MIRICAL work?

The predatory bugs prefer eggs and larvae of whitefly. They can also feed on whitefly larvae that are parasitized. Predatory bugs puncture their prey and feed on the contents. The empty shell of the prey remains on the plant. MIRICAL requires time to establish itself in the crop. By supplementing them in the beginning with extra food; such as ENTOFOOD or ARTEFEED; you can speed up the population development when very few prey are present in the crop. Hence the preventive application of MIRICAL. The predatory bugs can also feed on plant saps. This can lead to mild damage in some crops.

How to combine MIRICAL

MIRICAL is great in combination with parasitoids against whitefly; such as ENERMIX. The parasitoid are great searchers and can target the whitefly nymphs that are scattered around the plants.