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SPICAL - 25.000

SPICAL - 25.000

against (spider)mites

SPICAL contains predatory mites that can be used for the biological control of various mite species. The predatory mites have a preference for spider mite, but are also effective against citrus mite, broad mite and European red mite. SPICAL is applicable in greenhouses and other indoor environments. It is suitable for preventive use. The product is available in units of 25.000 predatory mites. They are packaged in a 500 ml bottle with varrier material. SPICAL is only available for business customers.

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Product type
predatory mite
two spotted spider mite, citrus mite
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
1- 2 days
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What is SPICAL?

SPICAL contains Neosieulus californicus; which are white-brownish predatory mites. They are white-brown; drop-shaped mites on short legs. The mites are very mobile and are often found on the underside of leaves. They prey on several mite species; such as spider mite; citrus mite; broad mite and cyclamen mite.

How does SPICAL worrk?

The predatory mites actively search for prey. They puncture their prey and feed on the contents. The empty shells of the prey get left behind on the plant. The nymph stages of Neoseiulus californicus prefer younger developmental stages of the spider mite; while the adult mites eat all stages. Neoseiulus californicus can also survive on other mites and pollen and can even survive without prey for several days. Therefore this product is ideal for preventive application. SPICAL predatory mites are relatively tolerant of pesticide residues.

How to combine SPICAL

When spider mite occurs in multiple hotspots; we strongly recommend to combine SPICAL with SPIDEX VITAL. Both products contain the specialist predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis and can only be introduced when spider mites are already present in the crop. At low prey densities and at lower humidity; SPICAL is more effective than the Phytoseiulus predatory mite.