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Natupol Fly - 30.000

Natupol Fly - 30.000

against Levertermijn

Natupol Fly are Lucilia flies that can be used for pollinating crops with little pollen, such as seed crops. The flies do pollinate the crop but do not eat pollen themselves. Natupol Fly is therefore a good supplement for seed producers to other pollinators such as bees and bumblebees. This product is available in a two-liter cardboard tube with pupae that yield about 30,000 flies.

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2-3 days at 13°C
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2 - 3 days
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What is Natupol Fly?

Natupol Fly contains pupae of Lucilia sericata flies. These flies can be used to pollinate crops with few flowers and/or pollen, because the flies do not need pollen for their nutrition. Natupol Fly is therefore especially suitable for seed producers as a supplement to bumblebees and bees.

How does Natupol Fly work?

Once the pupae have hatched, the flies start looking for nectar to feed on. When visiting the flowers, pollen sticks to their bodies. When the fly visits the next flower, this pollen comes into contact with the pistil and thus ensures pollination. The Lucilia flies themselves do not eat pollen and are therefore ideally suited for crops with little pollen.