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against thrips

LUREM-TR is a lure that attracts different types of thrips such as western flower thrips and onion thrips. The thrips become more active and end up on the sticky traps more quickly. This allows you to detect them earlier. One package contains 20 dispensers with attractant.

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Product type
Shelf life
several weeks at 6°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
2 - 3 days
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What is LUREM-TR?

Lurem-TR is an attractant; a kairomone; that attracts various types of thrips; such as Frankliniella occidentalis and Thrips tabaci.

How does LUREM-TR work?

The attractant is gradually released from the dispenser and causes thrips to become more active. As a result; they end up on the sticky traps faster and you can spot the pest earlier. Unlike the pheromone capsules; the LUREM-TR dispensers do have to be opened. Once you remove the aluminum foil from the dispenser; the attractant is gradually released.

How to combine LUREM-TR?

The application of LUREM-TR is only useful if you combine the product with sticky traps. Horiver blue sticky traps are best suited for thrips detection. But if you also want to detect other pests; you can also use Horiver yellow sticky traps.