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Pheromone box tree moth - 2

Pheromone box tree moth - 2

against moths

Pheromone box tree moth is a species-specific fragrance that lures the males of the box tree moth into a trap. By catching the males, the moth infestation will gradually decrease. You can use the pheromone in the months that the boxwood moths fly: from May/June to November. Pheromone box tree moth is available per package of two pheromone capsules. Always use the pheromone in combination with a trap, such as the BUXATRAP.

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What is Pheromone box tree moth?

Pheromones are specific fragrances that you can use to attract insects of a specific species. Often they are fragrances that the females of the insect species use to attract males. The pheromone was copied in the laboratory and put in a capsule. Pheromone box tree moth is specific for attracting males of the box tree moth Cydalima perspectalis. Other species are not attracted. The product contains two capsules with pheromones. Once you have started using one capsule; you can keep the others in the freezer for months.

How does Pheromone box tree moth work?

When you hang the pheromone capsules; the pheromone gradually evaporates from the tube. The male box tree moths are lured to the trap. This will reduce the pest population. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for all the pheromone to evaporate. If you keep the capsules in the freezer you can keep them for a long time; since no evaporation takes place.

How to combine Pheromone box tree moth?

The pheromone for the box treemoth is best used in combination with the BUXATRAP. This trap has been specially developed for trapping box tree moths.