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against moths, mealybug

GLUE PLATES, set of 2 or 20 pieces, is a refill for the products Delta trap transparent and Delta trap + two glue plates. You can easily replace the glue plates of the delta trap. Make sure to assign a delta trap to a single type of pheromone to prevent odor confusion.

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Product type
moths, mealybug
Shelf life
unlimited when stored dry and cool
Duration of effect
Delivery time
2 - 3 days
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What is the product GLUE PLATES?

The glue plates can be used as a refill for delta traps. These traps are applied to detect and catch flying insects; such as butterflies; moths and the winged males of citrus mealybug. The trap consist of a triangular tent with glue plates placed on the bottom. The species-specific pheromone that attracts the insects is placed on the glue plate.

How does a DELTA TRAP + GLUE PLATES work?

The species-specific pheromones lure the insects to the trap; where they will stick to the glue plate and get caught. Based on the number of insects caught on the glue plate; you can determine whether it is necessary to take additional biocontrol measures. By counting the trapped insects on a weekly basis; you can follow the pest population and adjust the biological control strategy accordingly.

How to combine GLUE PLATES

The GLUE PLATES only work in combination with a delta trap and pheromones. You can order the species-specific pheromones separately. We can supply a wide range of pheromones. Some we have in stock; while others we can order for you. The glue plates can be ordered separately; so they can be replaced on a regular basis. The delta trap is available as a single trap (delta trap transparent) or as a complete set (delta trap + two glue plates).