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Pheromone bright-line brown-eye - 1

Pheromone bright-line brown-eye - 1

against moths

Pheromone bright-line brown-eye lures the males of this moth in the associated delta trap. This way you can identify whether the pest is present and determine whether you need to take measures. Moreover, you will catch a part of the harmful moths. The pheromone is available per piece for business customers.

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several months in fridge
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2 - 3 days
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What is Pheromone bright-line brown-eye?Pheromones are specific fragrances that you can use to attract insects of a specific species. Often they are the fragrances that the females of the insect species use to lure the males. The pheromone was copied in the laboratory and put in a capsule. When you use the pheromone capsule in the greenhouse; pheromone will gradually evaporate from the capsule. It takes about six week for the pheromone to completely evaporate. If you keep the capsules in the freezer you can store them for a long time. No evaporation takes place in the freezer. Pheromone bright-line brown-eye is specific for the attraction of the mothLacanobia oleracea. Other species are not attracted to this pheromone.How does Pheromone bright-line brown-eye work?The pheromone for the bright-line brown-eye is best to apply in combination with a delta trap with glue plates. Adult male moths flying around will be attracted to the pheromone and will be caught on the glue plate of the trap. With this catching system you will not be able to catch all moths flying in the greenhouse. It is mainly intended to detect whether and; if so; how many adult moths are present. However; the more traps you deploy; the greater the number of moths that will be caught. By catching the males; the plague will slightly decrease.How to combine Pheromone bright-line brown-eyePheromone bright-line brown-eye can only be applied in combination with a detla trap with glue plates. The caterpillars of the bright-line brown-eye cannot be combatted with this product. You can use the product CAPSANEM for this. CAPSANEM contains nematodes that can be dissolved in water. The nematode solution can be poured over the soil or sprayed over the damaged plants.