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against aphids, moths, whitefly

ENTOFOOD is a protein-rich supplement for predatory bugs (MIRICAL). It enables a population build-up in absence of the pest. When the pest appears in the crop, the predators are ready to start the control. ENTOFOOD is available per 100 or 500 ml, only for business customers.

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Product type
aphids, moths, whitefly
small botle with 10 gram of moth-eggs
Shelf life
2-3 days at 13°C
Duration of effect
diredt effect
Delivery time
2 - 3 days
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ENTOFOOD consists of eggs of the moth Ephestia kuehniella and cysts of Artemiaspp. ; a small lobster species. The eggs are UV treated and will therefore not hatch.
The 100 ml package contains 10 grams of Ephestia and 50 grams of Artemia. The 500 ml package contains 50 grams of Ephestia and 250 grams of Artemia.

How does ENTOFOOD work?

You can use this product as an alternative food source for predators (for example MIRICAL) when the pest is not yet or insufficiently present. MIRICAL can feed on plant saps but also requires a protein source for proper development. That is why ENTOFEED stimulates the preventive build-up of a population by the predatory bugs. When the first pest insects appear; they can immediately take action.

Note: ENTOFOOD is not toxic; but individuals can develop allergic reactions to components of the product such as moth scales. Therefore avoid inhalation and skin contact.

How to combine ENTOFOOD

ENTOFOOD is very suitable to combine with the product MIRICAL. It promotes the build-up of the population of this predatory bug in the crop at the beginning of the season. When the pest appears in the crop; the predators are ready to start the control immediately.