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APHIPAR - 5000

APHIPAR - 5000

against aphids

APHIPAR is a parasitoid that can be used for the biological control of peach aphid and cotton aphid. It is effective both indoors and outdoors. The product is packaged in units of 500, 1000 or 5000 pupae in a bottle with wood fibres. APHIPAR is only available for our business customers.

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Product type
cotton aphid, green peach aphid
bottle with 5000 mummies on woodfibres
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
2-5 weeks
Delivery time
1- 2 days
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What is APHIPAR?

APHIPAR contains pupae of the parasitoid Aphidius colemaniand can be used for the biological control of several aphid species. It is a slender; dark parasitoid who moves fast over the plants. APHIPAR is most effective at a beginning aphid infestation.

How does APHIPAR work?

This parasitoid is specialized in the control of cotton aphid and green peach aphid. It is a very efficient parasitoid that can parasitize numerous aphids in a short time. Parasitized aphids bulge into a grey-brown; round mummy. The mummies can be discovered in the crop after about two weeks. Young parasitoids emerge from the mummy via a round hole and start to look for aphids to parasitize.

How to combine APHIPAR?

If the aphids have developed into large colonies; it is advised to release APHIDEND in addition to APHIPAR. The larvae of this gall midge are great at removing aphid hot spots. Another insect specialized in controlling aphid hot spots is the larva of the lacewing CHRYSOPA.