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APHIDEND - 10.000

APHIDEND - 10.000

against aphids

APHIDEND is a gall midge native to the Netherlands that can be used for the biological control of many different aphid species. This product is especially applicable at high densities of aphids. The product consists of a small bottle with sawdust and gall midge pupae. The gall midges will hatch shortly after application and leave the bottle in search of aphids. This product is available for business customers only in a unit of 1000.

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Product type
gall midge
green peach aphid, potato aphid, foxglove aphid, cotton aphid, oleander aphid, black bean aphid, waterlilly aphid, mottled arum aphid
plastic bottle with 10.000 pupae on woodfibres
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
2-5 weeks
Delivery time
1- 2 days
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APHIDEND consists of pupae of the gall midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza. The rather fragile gall midges are rarely seen since they are active during the night. They search the crop for aphid colonies and are attracted by the smell of the honeydew that the aphids produce. While the eggs of the gall midge are difficult to find; the yellow-orange larvae stand out between the aphids. Fully grown larvae pupate in the soil.

How does APHIDEND work?

The gall midges do not show a preference for a certain species of aphid. They lay their eggs in aphid colonies. The larvae that will eventually hatch from those eggs are the ones that will control the aphids. They puncture the aphid; sedate it and suck up its contents. An aphid that has been killed by a gall midge larvae hangs from the leave by its stylet and will eventually turn brown or black. The control of the aphid colony can happen rather fast during favorable conditions (i.e. high relative humidity).

How to combine APHIDEND

If you are unsure which aphid species is present in the crop; APHIDEND is great in combination with APHISCOUT. This is a mix of five different parasitoids who are effective during the early stages of an aphid infestation. You can also combine APHIDEND with the parasitoids APHIPAR (against green peach aphid) or APHILIN (against foxglove- and potato aphid).