Tree nursery

We have seen inspiring examples of naturally occurring insects that can be stimulated to help tree growers: when you release ladybirds or parasitoids, beneficial insects that are near, such as hover flies and lacewings, come out to help. We like to help growers recognize these beneficial insects and teach how to treasure them. Experience shows that this helps a growers to gain trust in biological control.

In addition to the promotion of naturally occurring insects, we have a range of products that are very effecting at controlling persistent pests in tree nurseries. To prevent damage, great timing is essential. We help growers to scout for pest insects and advise them on the best moment to release biological control agents.

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Private customers

Did you know that biological control is not only for professional growers? We have a special selection of products that can be applied in the garden, a hobby greenhouse and even in the window sill! Specially selected for our private customers.READ MORE


Every flowering plant is different and it of essential importance to keep that in mind when applying biological control. We breed a range of unique biological control agents suitable for the application in floriculture.READ MORE

Vegetable cultivation

Crops differ much from each other, and that is crucial to keep in mind when applying biological control in vegetable cultivation. We have a range of products specifically selected for application in vegetable cultivation.READ MORE

Botanical garden

Even in environments where different plant species co-exist, biological control can be successfully applied. With the right set of biocontrol agents, such an environment is actually very beneficial.READ MORE

Indoor garden

Plants in an indoor garden grown under unnatural conditions, which makes them extra sensitive to pest insects. Biological control in an indoor garden makes sure the plants are happy and healthy!READ MORE

Public green

In spring, lime trees and maple trees can be infested with aphids, leading to serious nuisance in public spaces. Fortunately, we have a selection of biological control agents that can prevent this problem.READ MORE

Tree nursery

Tree growers are confronted with all kinds of pest insects that threaten their trees. In addition to the promotion of naturally occurring control agents, we have a range of unique products specifically selected for tree growers.READ MORE

Research greenhouse

As a researcher, the last thing you want for your plants is to be infested by pest insects. After all, this can seriously impair the results of your experiments. Biological control is a great solution to control pest insects in a research greenhouse.READ MORE

Fruit grower

Fruit growers are confronted with a range of harmful insects that threaten to spoil their fruits. A great strategy is to promote the beneficial insects that are already present and complement this with the release of biological control agents.READ MORE

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