How to recognize carnation tortrix

The carnation tortrix is a moth belonging to the family of Tortricidae. The adult moths have a wingspan of 18-22mm for females and 15-17 mm for males. Males have orange brown front wings with red brown and black markings. The hind wings are brightly orange with black edges. Females have orange brown front wings and orange hind wings. Female wings have dark V on their wings. Males are in general more active than females.

Carnation tortrix damage

Caterpillars of the carnation tortrixfeed from the leaf surface and roll themselves in the leaves for protection. They feed from leaves, fruits, young shoots and flowers.

  • Carnation tortrix life cycle

    active from April to October
    adult flies after sunset
    up to four generations per year
    overwinters as caterpillar

  • Carnation tortrix host plants

    deciduous trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants

  • Carnation tortrix eggs

  • Carnation tortrix female