Botanical garden

Plant species differ greatly from one another in their sensitivity to pest insects. The more plant species are brought together, the more pest insects have to be controlled. How beautiful would it be to have a standing army of biological control agents that attack at the first sight of a pest insect. Exactly this can happen if you apply biological control to such a diverse environment as a botanical garden. In general, the plants remain in such a place for a longer time, which makes it worthwhile to build up a population of biological control agents.

The diversity of a botanical garden is a great challenge for us: it requires many different specific products that have to cooperate in order to achieve a great result. We breed a large part of the insects ourselves. That is why we know exactly which insects to apply in a certain situation, which is a key to success.

Our products can not only be applied in botanical gardens, but also in other (semi) tropical and diverse environments, such as greenhouses in zoos or tropical butterfly gardens. We would love to teach you how to recognize the pest insects, which products are best to control those insects and to see if the natural enemies are doing a good job.

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