Indoor garden

Spider mite, thrips, mealybugs… They are examples of persistent pests that commonly occur in indoor gardens. Not all biological control agents function properly under the unnatural conditions of an indoor garden, which makes it a perfect challenge for us! Over the years we have gained experience with the application of our products in many different indoor gardens, ranging from offices and malls to pools and hospitals. We can set up a tailor-made biological control program for any type of indoor garden. You do not have to be afraid that people will be harmed by the biological control agents: they are 100% safe for people, do not sting or bite and do not transmit diseases. Only when you search very thoroughly you can locate them on the plants.

We prefer to closely cooperate with a gardener or interior landscaper when we apply biological control in an indoor garden. Together we will set up a custom biological control strategy. We supply the products and visit regularly to follow the process and make plans for the future.

Are you interested in a custom biological control strategy?
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