How to recognize oleander scale

The cover of female oleander scalesisalmost round and translucent white with a yellow tip in the middle. The cover of male oleander scaleshas the same color, butis smaller and more elongated. Males only live for a few days. The first stage (crawlers) are yellow and can be spread by wind. They will attach to a plant and form a cover, after which they become immobile. In one to two months it will develop into an adult female.

Oleander scale damage

Oleander scale can be found around the world and uses important crops, like olive and citrus, as host. The scales are usually found in clusters on the underside of the leaf. During feeding, toxic substances are injected, which cause yellow spots. Deformation of shoots is common. Heavy infestation leads to withering of leaves and stems, which can cause death of the plants.

  • Life cycle oleander scale

    90 eggs per female
    egg to adult in 35 days at 25 ⁰C
    number of generations per year depends on the temperature

  • Host plants oleander scale

    olive, citrus, yucca
    Cymbidium, oleander, Aristolochia

  • Oleander scale close-up

  • Oleander scale