How to recognize green peach aphid

The green peach aphid is a medium sized (1.2-2.5 mm), mobile, oval-shaped aphid. Its colour can vary from white or greyish–green to dark–green. A red morph is also known. The legs are short. The siphons have an average length and are lightly coloured with a dark tip. The antennae are approximately body length. The cauda is rather short. This aphid species has clearly visible antennal tubercles. The winged morph has rather dark shoulders and aclear dark spot on its back.

Green peach aphid damage and distribution

Green peach aphids aggregate in groups all over the plant, but mainly on the upper side of the upper leaves. The aphids are mobile and move over the entire plant, usually in the direction of flower buds. The green peach aphid can be found both in- and outdoors. Direct damage is usuallyrare. Sometimes leaf deformation or leaf curling isvisible. The excreted honeydew causes most damage. The most harmful feature of this aphid is the large number of viruses that this aphid can transmit. The green peach aphid is found all over the world and is known for being the most important virus vector among aphids.

  • Green peach aphid life cycle

    50-60 offspring per female
    development time 10-12 days
    in greenhouses mostly parthenogenetic reproduction

  • Green peach aphid host plants

    very polyphagous
    egg plant, tomato, paprika
    lettuce, herbs
    cut flowers, pot plants

  • Green peach aphid close up view

  • Green peach aphid