Insect identification

To be able to make the right choices in the biological control of pest insects, it is essential to identify the pest species. We have plenty of experience in identifying pest insects. We do not only do this for our own customers, but for anyone who requests our help.

Business customers

Our business customers can send us crop samples that we in turn examine on presence of both pests and biological control agents. Based on the results we supply our customers with an advice on how to proceed.

Are you a business customer and would you like to send use a crop sample? Contact us at or call 0031317-411188

Private customers

For our private customers we have developed a digital service to identify pest insects. Anyone can send us a picture and additional information via the link below. Based on this information we can determine the pest species and give advice on which biological control agent is the best choice.

Would you like to now which pest insect is bothering your plants? Make a clear picture and upload it in our digital identification service.

Are you unsure which pest insects are bothering your plants? We can help you. Send an email to with the following information:

  • On which plant is the pest present?
  • Is the pest indoors or outdoors?
  • What does the damage look like? Is there honeydew present?
  • Did you use any other means to get rid of the pest?
  • Take a good quality picture from up close and attach this to the mail.

Based on this information we can determine what kind of pest bothers your plants and which products can be applied to get rid of it. Make sure that the picture is of good quality: that enables us to quickly help you.

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