Information for business customers

Effective biological control requires a custom approach. It is important to us to help our customers to set up a sustainable crop protection system. We regularly visit our customers to monitor the situation and to teach them how to recognize pests and biocontrol agent effectivity. Together we develop a custom approach for the biological control and the monitoring of the results. Monitoring is mostly done by the grower with feedback to us.

We provide business customers with a complete biological control program. We supply all necessary materials and give advice and support. Some customers prefer an all-in contract: a set price for a whole year or season of biological control. Other customers choose to buy the material on demand, according to our pricelist with a discount for business customers.

If you wish to order our products on a regular basis you can request a business account. For business customers we have a wider assortment of products, adjusted prices and different delivery conditions. When applying for a business account, please mention which products you expect to use and in what kind of situation you will apply these. Business customers from outside of the Netherlands are very welcome.

1. Products

  • Wide assortment of products
  • Various products are available in bigger units
  • Special discount for business customers
  • Product prices displayed excluding VAT

2. Order

  • Orders can be placed either via the webshop or via the online order form
  • The desired delivery date can be noted
  • If possible we will make sure to deliver the package on the desired delivery date If we need to deviate from that, we will discuss it first
  • If there is no desired delivery date, we deliver within 1-3 working days
  • An alternative address can be noted
  • An own order number can be noted
  • Several orders over a longer time can be added

3. Delivery

  • Delivery of the orders will happen by courier
  • In the Netherlands and several European countries, orders will be delivered the first workday after sending, before 17.00
  • At extra cost, it is also possible to have the order delivered before 12.00
  • A signature is required to receive the package. It cannot be delivered when noone is home
  • Shipping costs in the Netherlands vary from € 10,- to € 20,-, depending on the size of the package and the delivery time
  • Costs for delivery abroad are higher, depending on the destination and size of the order.
  • The status of the order can be followed in the account

4. Payment

  • Orders are paid afterwards, by invoice. Direct payment during ordering is not necessary
  • Ordering obliges to payment
  • VAT is specified on the invoice
  • Terms of payment of the invoice is 30 days
  • Previous orders can be viewed in the account

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