How to recognize the American cockroach

The American cockroach, also known as big cockroach, is 35-40 mm in size and red to chocolate–brown. This species can be distinguished by their color, size and light cross band at the base of the thorax.  

An egg parcel is 8-10 mm in size and contains approximately 16 eggs. After carrying the egg parcel on their back for one or two days, females will deposit the egg parcel in a moist and covered place. A fresh egg parcel is soft and white and will harden and turn brown over time. 

American cockroach damage and distribution

The American cockroach is omnivorous with a preferenceforanimal–based substances. That is why this species is often found in zoos.They can last 4-6 weeks without food and are mainly nocturnal.

  • American cockroach life cycle

    6-28 eggs per egg parcel
    nymphs hatch after 1-2 months
    egg to adult in several months (up to a year)

  • American cockroach host plants

    preference for animal-based substances
    often in zoos

  • American cockroach