Verbeterde verpakking van Mirimix-Plus

Improved Mirimix-Plus packaging

We are always looking for better ways to package our fragile products. This time we have given Mirimix-Plus a new look.

What is new?


Mirimix-Plus is our special small package of predatory bugs against whiteflies, with supplement, intended for private use. We made two changes to the packaging.

The predatory bugs are now in a round container that is easy to open. Less plastic is used in this packaging, making it better for the environment.

Supplementary food in a tube

The most striking change is the packaging of the Artemia supplementary food. The supplement is now packed in a user-friendly cardboard tube. This makes it easy to spread the Artemia over the plants.

How can you apply Mirimix-Plus in your hobby greenhouse?

A lot of research has been done into feeding predatory bugs in tomato greenhouses. It turned out that the more evenly you distribute the Artemia over your plants, the better the predatory bugs spread over the crop. You can also give the predatory bugs a helping hand in your hobby greenhouse. The tube contains about 4 to 5 servings of supplementary food. By feeding the predatory bugs once a week, you stimulate the development of the population. In this way you can ensure that, before a serious whitefly explosion occurs, an army of predatory bugs is ready to tackle the pest at its source.

When should you use Mirimix-Plus?

Whiteflies can become active early in the year. Now it is cold and they are still keeping quiet. But when the sun shines on your greenhouse in February, the temperature will quickly become high enough for this pest to develop. Do you also suffer from whitefly every year in the spring in the cultivation of your young tomato, eggplant and zucchini plants? Then order the new Mirimix-Plus packaging here.

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