Out with the christmas tree, in with the houseplant

This is the slogan of the annual campaign from Bloemen bureau Holland. When the Christmas tree has dropped its needles and disappeared in a New Year’s fire, it leaves an empty space in the living room. The solution to make the house cozy in the boring January month? A beautiful houseplant!

out with the christmas tree

Month of the houseplant

January is also houseplant month at Entocare. After purchasing a new plant, you want it to look green and fresh. Unfortunately, pest insects sometimes appear after a while. The leaves turn yellow, get spots or are covered with white “fluff”.
We would like to help you keep your new plants healthy. Entocare can help you with the biological control of harmful insects. Biologican control is an environmentally friendly way to keep your plants free of pests and that is very important indoors. Our products are absolutely harmless to people, children and pets.

Control pests on houseplants

The two insect species most commonly known as houseplant pests are spider mites and thrips. To control these pests you can use predatory mites that remain on the plants for a long time. They start feeding immediately at the first sign of spider mites or thrips.
The predatory mites are supplied in small sachets that you can easily distribute over the plant. These schates function as small breeding units for the predatory mites and you can therefore use them as a preventive measure. When the pest shows up, the predatory mites crawl out of the sachet and start the control.
SPICAL ULTI MITE is great against spidermite. To combat thrips, you can use SWIRSKI ULTI MITE. The sachets with predatory mites protect your plants for about 4-6 weeks.

You can order these products via our webshop.

Kamerplantenmaand spical swirski

More about houseplants and biological control on Instagram

Keep an eye on our Instagram page (@entocarenl). Throughout January, we will be focusing on pests that often occur on house plants and how you can get rid of them. Next week more about predatory mites and how to use them indoors.
You can ask your questions via a message on Instagram or mail to post@entocare.nl.