HORIVER blue sticky traps


HORIVER blue sticky traps are useful for the monitoring of thrips. Thrips are attracted to the blue colour and fly towards it. They stick to the trap after landing.
HORIVER blue sticky traps can be applied both indoors and outdoors. The sticky traps are available in three different sizes: small (25×10 cm, 10 traps), medium (25×20 cm, 20 traps) and large (25×40 cm, 12 traps). Private customers can order small sticky traps. All sizes are available for business customers.

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What are HORIVER blue sticky traps?

HORIVER sticky traps blue contains blue sticky traps with glue on both sides for signaling and trapping thrips. Hanging strips are included.

How do HORIVER blue sticky traps work?

Thrips are attracted to the blue color of the sticky traps. They fly towards it and get stuck in the glue. You can use the plates to see if and how many pest insects are present in the crop. The plates have a grid pattern so that you can easily count the numbers from week to week. If the numbers increase rapidly, it is important to take additional measures and use biological control agents. You can also use the plates to trap pest insects. However, that will not be enough to keep a thrips plague completely under control. Therefore you should always include other products against thrips.

How to combine HORIVER blue sticky traps

A large number of products are available for the biological control of thrips, such as  SWIRSKI-MITE PLUS, FRANKLINOTHRIPS VESPIFORMIS and THRIPEX. Have a look at the products against thrips in the webshop.

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Additional information



Shelf life

unlimited when stored dry and cool

Delivery time

24-48 hours





Type of product

sticky plate

Unit size

10 x small, 12 x large, 20 x medium

Where to apply

hobby greenhouse, indoor garden, ornamental production, vegetable garden, vegetable production


all year around

T = 5 - 45 °C

RV = not important

indoor gardens
hobby greenhouse
vegetable garden

Use one sticky trap per 200 m² to monitor pests in greenhouses.
Use more or bigger sticky traps for trapping of pests.
N.B.: remove the traps when too many benificial parasitoids are caught.

User manual

  • Hang the plates above the crop, preferably not higher than 30 cm above.
  • With fast growing crops: place close above the crop and move upwards with the growth of the crop.
  • Secure the sticky traps with the green strips.
HORIVER blue sticky traps for the signalling of thrips
HORIVER blue sticky traps