HOYHOY cockroach trap


The HOYHOY cockroach trap is a set of five pesticide-free, cardboard cockroach traps. Silverfish, bed bugs and other crawling insects can also be trapped. Every trap includes a strip with bait. The cockroach traps can be used year round in every indoor space.

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What is the HOYHOY cockroach trap?

HOYHOY cockroach trap exists of a cardboard ‘tent’ of 25x10x2 cm with a glue mat on which bait is applied. The traps can be placed on different spots in indoor spaces where cockroaches are present.

How does the HOYHOY cockroach trap work?

The bait that is applied lures the cockroaches to the trap. The trap is designed to have a shape that is attractive for cockroaches to enter. The cockroaches stick to the glue mat and die. The HOYHOY cockroach trap is effective for 3-4 weeks.

How to combine HOYHOY cockroach trap?

There are different species of cockroach that produce egg parcels. The parasitoids APROSTOCETUS HAGENOWII is very effective against those cockroach species. These parasitoids parasitize the egg parcels of the cockroaches, which will lead to a new generation of parasitoids instead of cockroaches.

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Additional information



Shelf life

unlimited when stored dry and cool

Delivery time

24-48 hours





Type of product


Unit size

1, 5

Where to apply

hobby greenhouse, indoor garden


January - December

T = 5 - 45 °C

RV = 40 - 70 %

indoor garden
hobby greenhouse

Use 1 trap per 20 m²

User manual

  • Follow the manual on the back of the product.
  • Place the trap in a dry spot.
  • The trap is harmless for humans and pets. Humans cannot smell the bait.
HOYHOY cockroach trap to catch cockroaches
HOYHOY cockroach trap