ENERMIX is a combination of two parasitoid species which are commonly used for the biological control of whitefly. They are effective against both greenhouse- and tobacco whitefly. The product is suitable especially for use in greenhouses. Particularly at high temperatures, ENERMIX is a good choice. The pupae of the parasitoid are available per 10 strips (50 cards with 3000 pupae) or 50 strips (250 cards with 15000 pupae) for business customers. For private customers we have a smaller unit of two strips (10 cards with 600 pupae).

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What is ENERMIX?

ENERMIX contains pupae of the parasitoids Encarsia formosa and Eretmocerus eremicus. A single strip contains about 300 pupae: 60 per card. After several days the pupae hatch and the parasitoids start looking for a host. This product can be used for the biological control of both greenhouse- and tobacco whitefly. It can also be applied when the species of whitefly in the crop is unknown.

How does ENERMIX work?

As soon as the pupae hatch, the parasitoids will look for big whitefly larvae to parasitize. Parasitized larvae change color, depending on the combination of parasitoid and host. The adult parasitoid exits the pupa via a small hole. ENERMIX is very suitable for preventive application. You can find the first parasitized pupae two to three weeks after release. The new parasitoids emerge from a small hole in the pupa. The smaller larvae of the whitefly are used as a source of food for the parasitoids. They puncture the larvae and suck up the contents. Host feeding itself contributes strongly to the control of the pest.

Combinations with ENERMIX

ENERMIX is great in combination with the product MIRICAL. This product consists of predatory bugs which can be released into the crop even before the pest is present. They puncture the whitefly larvae and suck out the content.

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Additional information



Shelf life

2-3 days at 13°C

Delivery time

24-48 hours





Type of product


Unit size

15,000, 3000

Where to apply

hobby greenhouse, indoor garden, ornamental production, vegetable production


March - August

T = 18 - 35 °C

RH = 50 - 80%

interior landscaping
hobby greenhouse

Preventive 1-3 per m²
Mild infestation: 3-6 per m²
Heavy infestation: 6-12 per m²
Repeat the release at least five times with an interval of one week
until the infestation is under control.

User manual

  • Open the package in the greenhouse.
  • Distribute the cards over the infested plants: 50-70 cm under the top of the plants.
  • Do not touch the pupae.
  • Keep from direct sunlight.
  • Within several days the pupae will hatch and start to parasitize whiteflies.
ENERMIX sluipwespen tegen wittevlieg