ENTONEM contains entomopathogenic nematodes that can be used for the biological control of fungus gnats, thrips pupae, beetle larvae and young stages of the oak processionary. The nematodes are effective as soon as the soil temperature reaches 8°C. The soil needs to be moist at all times. This product can be applied both indoors and outdoors. The product should be dissolved and diluted in water, after which it is distributed over the soil. The most common package of ENOTNEM contains 50 million nematodes, which suffices for 50 – 100 m² . A bigger package of 500 million nematodes is available too. This is sufficient for 500 – 1000 m².

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What is ENTONEM?

This product contains entomopathogenic nematodes (Steinernema feltiae) that can be used for the biological control of fungus gnats, thrips pupae, beetle larvae and young stages of the oak processionary.

How does ENTONEM work?

ENTONEM can be applied in two ways. First, you can irrigate the soil with the nematode mix. This method is effective against soil-dwelling organisms, such as fungus gnats, thrips pupae and beetle larvae. Secondly, you can sprinkle the nematode mix onto the crop. This method is effective against thrips larvae that reside on the leaves. In April, ENTONEM can also be used for the biological control of young oak processionary. This is effective as long as the caterpillars have not yet developed stinging bristles. The nematodes are sensitive to dehydration. The soil must be kept moist at all times. The leaf-methode is most effective when it is applied in the dark under moist conditions, since the nematodes are also sensitive to UV light.

After the nematodes have been distributed over the soil, they start to look for host larvae, which they will enter through openings in the body. They transfer bacteria which infect and eventually kill the beetle larvae. While the nematodes are very effective against larval stages, they do not have an effect on adult beetles or fungus gnats. Both before and after the distribution of the nematodes, the soil needs to be moist. The nematodes require a moisty environment to be able to move through the soil.

How to combine ENTONEM?

For the control of fungus gnats, ENTONEM is great in combination with HORIVER yellow sticky traps. The sticky traps can not only be used for monitoring, but can also catch a part of the small flies. This way you can catch the adult fungus gnats aboveground, while the nematodes take care of the larvae underground.

For the use of ENTONEM against beetle larvae, you need to keep an eye on the soil temperature. Starting from 8°C ENTONEM is the best choice. As soon as the temperature reaches 14°C and higher, LARVANEM is more effective.

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Additional information



Shelf life

several weeks at 6°C

Delivery time

24-48 hours


sciarids, thrips, vine weevil



Type of product


Unit size

50 M, 500 M

Where to apply

hobby greenhouse, indoor garden, ornamental production, public park, vegetable garden, vegetable production


beetle larvae: March - April and September - November
oak processionary: April
in greenhouses: year round

soil: T = 8-33 °C

RV = above 80 %

indoor garden
vegetable garden
hobby greenhouse
public gardens

Use one box of 50 million nematodes for 50 - 100 m² soil surface.
Use one box of 500 million nematodes for 500 - 1000 m² soil surface.
Heavy infestation: repeat treatment one time.

User manual

  • Add the contents of the package in a bucket with 5L water (15-20°C).
  • Stir thoroughly and let it settle for 30 seconds. Stir again.
  • Dilute: add 0,5L of the nematode mixture to 9,5L water.
  • Make sure to stir properly during the whole process.
  • Diluting the whole package results in 100L of nematode mixture.
  • Distribute the nematode mixture over 50-100m2.
  • Use the whole package in once, because the distribution of nematodes is not homogenous.
ENTONEM, nematodes against fungus gnats and thrips pupae