ANDERSONI is an indigenous predatory mite that becomes active at temperatures as low as 6 °C. Therefore, this product is very suitable for the biological control of several mites in outdoor environments. Besides mites, these predatory mites also feed on thrips, pollen, honeydew and fungus. It can also endure high temperatures very well. Overall, this predatory mite has a wide range of effectivity. ANDERSONI is available per 100 sachets (business customers) and per 25 sachets (private customers). From each sachet, around 200 predatory mites will appear. Delivery time for this product is 7 days.

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This product contains the predatory mite Amblyseius andersoni, which can be used for the biological control of spider mite, citrus mite and gall mites. They can be applied in a wide range of circumstances. The female predatory mites lay on average 30-35 eggs that will develop into adults in 1-2 weeks. An adult’s lifespan is about three weeks.

How does ANDERSONI work?

ANDERSONI naturally occurs in trees and shrubs in the Netherlands, and becomes active at a temperature as low as 6 °C. It can survive well in the West-European climate and starts to suppress pests already early in spring. The predatory mite is resistant against high temperatures and dry conditions and is therefore also applicable in greenhouses. Since ANDERSONI also feeds on thrips, pollen, honeydew and fungi, it can easily survive in the absence of prey. Overall, ANDERSONI is a very versatile biological control agent.

How to combine ANDERSONI

Against spider mite, ANDERSONI is great in combination with SPIDEX, a product that acts fast on spider mite hot spots.

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Additional information



Shelf life

2-3 days at 13°C

Delivery time

5-10 days





Type of product

predatory mite

Unit size

100, 200, 25

Where to apply

hobby greenhouse, indoor garden, ornamental garden, public park


Active in February - November

Survives the winter.

T = 6 - 35 °C

RH = 50 - 80%

public gardens ornamental garden hobby greenhouse indoor gardens

Use 1 sachet per 2-3 m².

Predatory mites will emerge from the sachet over the course of four weeks.

Can be repeated, but is usually not necessary.

User manual

  • Immediately distribute the sachets over the plants.
  • Hold the sachet at the cardboard clamp to prevent damage of the predatory mites.
  • A small hole in the sachet enables the predatory mites to crawl outside.
  • It is not necessary to open the sachet.
  • Protect the sachets against direct sunlight.
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