ADALIA ladybirds


ADALIA is an indigenous lady beetle that is used for the biological control of many different aphid species in trees, greenhouses and (vegetable) gardens. This product contains adult lady beetles. They are packaged in a paper bag with food. This product is available for private customers in units of 25 beetles. For business customers ADALIA is available per 15, 25, 50 and 100 beetles.

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What is ADALIA?

ADALIA is a small ladybird that can be recognized by two dots on the back. Usually they are red with two black dots, but other color variants occur too. ADALIA is indigenous to the Netherlands. Which is why this predatory beetle can also be applied outdoors.

Hoe does ADALIA work?

The beetles are very effective at removing high densities of aphids and lay eggs near aphids. The larvae that emerge from the eggs can devour up to hundreds of aphids during their development. Both the lady beetle adults and larvae feed on all stages of aphids. An effect is visible within one week. ADALIA is effective against many different aphid species, such as lime aphid, maple aphid, rose aphid, foxglove aphid, potato aphid and green peach aphid.

How to combine ADALIA

Parasitoids are a great addition when the aphids are more dispersed. Both APHISCOUT and APHIPAR are a great choice in addition to ADALIA. APHIDEND is ideal under humid conditions. The larvae of this gall midge can devour great numbers of aphids. Have a look in our webshop for more products against aphids.

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Additional information



Shelf life

2-3 days at 13°C

Delivery time

24-48 hours





Type of product

predatory beetle

Where to apply

hobby greenhouse, ornamental garden, public park, vegetable garden


outdoors: April - September

greenhouses: January - December

T = 15 - 25 °C

RV = 40 - 80 %

trees ornamental garden vegetable garden greenhouses hobby greenhouse

A bag with 20 lady beetles is sufficient for 1-3 bushes. In greenhouses: 10 beetles per m², release at aphid hot spots.

User manual

  • Open the bag and attach it to the tree or bush, near the aphids.
  • The lady beetles will leave the bag to look for the pest.
  • It is also possible to distribute the contents of the bag near the aphids manually.
ADALIA ladybirds