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We offer advice and support for the application of our products in practice.

Advice and support

Effective biological control requires a tailor-made approach in which personal advice plays a central role. We believe that our task is to help our customers to set up a sustainable plant protection system. We try to accomplish this by regularly visiting our customers and to teach them how to recognize pests, biological control agents and to judge activity of insects. With mutual consultation we set up a release strategy and a plan to follow-up on the result of this strategy. Monitoring is largely done by the customer, with regular feedback to us.

Customers can contact us for a complete biological control program. We supply all necessary materials and support. While some customers choose for an all-in contract (a set price per year or season), other customers prefer to buy the materials on demand for a business-discount.

Would you like a biological control program tailor-made for your situation? Contact us at post@entocare.nl or call 0031317-411188


We conduct different types of research and are involved in external research projects.


New products
Even though we have plenty of unique products in our assortment, we are always looking for new products. As there are enough pests that cannot be controlled with the current products available on the biological control market, there is plenty of opportunity for new product research. Developing a new product starts with life history research of the species in question. If the species is deemed interesting for application as a biological control agent, a rearing method needs to be developed. Before the species can be commercially available, we need to ask the Dutch government for permission. Examples of product that we recently have developed are the predatory beetle PROPYLEA QUATUORDECIMPUNCTATA against aphids and the predatory thrips KARNYOTHRIPS MELALEUCUS against armoured scales.

New application of existing products
Despite strict measures, new pests can emerge in a cultivation. Since growers use less pesticide, the chance occurs that they encounter a pest that has previously been suppressed by pesticides. Such ‘new’ pests all of a sudden have to be combatted with biological control. Within our company we continuously research whether such ‘new’ pests can be controlled with one of our existing products. An example of this is our product FRANKLINOTHRIPS VESPIFORMIS. First results of our research indicates that this predatory thrips can play a role in the control of the Japanese flower thrips: a thrips that recently emerged in the Netherlands.

Commissioned research
Entocare also conducts commissioned research, either for growers or any other party that would like our help, such as municipalities or other biological control companies. It mostly involves practical research, but we can also conduct lab- or greenhouse experiments. If desired, we can cooperate our research with other parties. Our specialist insect knowledge and our experience in biological control are of great value. Because of our broad experience in breeding insects, we can set up a rearing of a pest or potential biological control agent relatively quick. Therefore we are involved in several external research projects where we supply pest insects for experiments.

We are involved in the following research projects:


We organize courses in pest recognition and application of biological control.


Would you like to know more about the recognition and biological control of pest insects? We can provide a course that is tailor-made and based on your needs. The subjects that we can touch upon are:

  • recognition of pests and damage
  • recognition of biocontrol agents and their activity
  • how to choose the right biocontrol agent
  • monitor biological control

During the course we use living material that can be studied in detail using a microscope. The course can be held either at Entocare or on location.

Would you like to plan a course or have more information? Contact our course coordinator Roel: R.vdMeiracker@entocare.nl

Insect identification

We have knowledge and experience in pest identification and crop sample analysis.

Insect identification

To be able to make the right choices in the biological control of pest insects, it is essential to identify the pest species. We have plenty of experience in identifying pest insects. We do not only do this for our own customers, but for anyone who requests our help.

Business customers

Our business customers can send us crop samples that we in turn examine on presence of both pests and biological control agents. Based on the results we supply our customers with an advice on how to proceed.

Are you a business customer and would you like to send use a crop sample? Contact us at post@entocare.nl or call 0031317-411188

Private customers

For our private customers we have developed a digital service to identify pest insects. Anyone can send us a picture and additional information via the link below. Based on this information we can determine the pest species and give advice on which biological control agent is the best choice.

Would you like to now which pest insect is bothering your plants? Make a clear picture and upload it in our digital identification service.

Pest insects

On request we can supply a selection of pest insects for research purposes.

Pest insects for research

On a regular basis we get requests from researchers who need pest insects or natural enemies for experiments. Material that is used for scientific research must meet high standards. That is no problem for us! Depending on the species and amount that is requested, we can supply the insects on short or long term. Contact us for the possibilities.

Insects we can supply for research:

  • mealybugs
  • aphids
  • whitefly
  • thrips
  • spider mite
  • moths, such as Spodoptera exigua
  • true bugs
  • cockroaches
  • predatory beetles
  • parasitoids
  • predatory mites

Would you like to order pest insects? Please contact us at post@entocare.nl or call 0031317-411188


Students from all levels can carry out a research project at our company.


Entocare is a certified training company. We can provide students of all levels with a suitable internship. In a few months’ time we supervise a students’ independent research project and teach the ins and outs of our company. High school students can contact us for an orienting day.

Would you like to do an internship with us? Send a mail with CV and motivation to our internship coordinator Roel: R.vdMeiracker@entocare.nl