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How to recognize Icerya

Icerya is a pest of citrus and many ornamentals like Pittosporum, Alibizia and Mimosa. Icerya has similarities with mealybugs, but belong to a different genus. The adult females attach to branches of woody plants and produce a large white egg-mass with longitudinal ridges, which contains hundreds off eggs. The nymphs that emerge from the eggs will spread throughout the plant in search of young plant parts. They will feed on plant saps, causing major damage. During development Icerya molts several times. Nymphs will search new spots for each moltingOlder stages prefer more wooden parts of the plant for molting. Each stage will produce waxy threads and excrete large amounts of honeydew. 

Icerya male and female
Icerya male (winged) and female

Icerya damage

All stages feed on plant saps, thereby causing inhibited growth and deformations. The large amounts of waxy threads and honeydew make the plant sticky and act as a growth medium for fungi, which hamper photosynthesis. 

Damage by Icerya
Damage by Icerya

Icerya life cycle

  • hundreds of eggs per female
  • egg to adult in 6-8 weeks
  • several generations per year in greenhouses
  • hermaphrodite, males rare

Icerya host plants

  • over 50 host plants, mostly woody crops
  • Citrus
  • Pittosporum
  • Albizia, Mimosa

How to control Icerya

Only one solution is available to control Icerya: the deployment of the predatory beetle RODOLIA CARDINALIS. The Rodolia beetle originates from Australia. Californian citrus orchards had major problems during the late 19th century. Icerya purchasi is a well-known pest of citrus trees on which chemical pesticides have very little effect. To save citrus trees, Rodolia was introduced from Australia. The introduction and control were very successful and saved the citrus industry. The introduction of Rodolia is seen as the start of biological control worldwide.   

RODOLIA - Rodolia cardinalis biocontrol Icerya
RODOLIA CARDINALIS: Specialist in biocontrol of Icerya

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