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LIMONICA - 12500

LIMONICA - 12500

against thrips, whitefly

LIMONICA is a fast predatory mite that can be used for the biological control of whitefly and young thrips. It also has an effect on spider mite and tarsonemid mites. This predatory mite is active already at 13°C and mainly occurs on the leaves. LIMONICA is available per 12.500, packaged in a bottle with carrier material.

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Product type
predatory mite
greenhouse whitefly, tobacco whitefly, cabbage whitefly, tarsonemid mite, western flower thrips, onion thrips, echinothrips, orchid thrips, palm thrips, whitefly
Shelf life
2-3 days at 13°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
1- 2 days
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This product contains the predatory mite Amblydromalus limonicus; that can be used for the biological control of thrips species; such as western flower thrips; onion thrips; echinothrips and Japanese flower thrips. It also feeds on eggs and young stages of whitefly and has a mild effect on spider mites and tarsonemid mites. The product LIMONICA contains a mix of millet husks; bran and sawdust.

How does LIMONICA work?

The predatory mites move very fast around the plant and search mainly for young stages of prey. They can often we found in the corner between the main- and side veins of the leaves; or in the flowers. They puncture their prey and feed on the contents. LIMONICA does not have a winter rest and can be applied already at 13 °C.

How to combine LIMONICA

Against whitefly; LIMONICA is great in combination with parasitoids. The product ENERMIX for example; is very suitable.
Other products against thrips are the predatory thrips FRANKLINOTHRIPS VESPIFORMIS ; SWIRSKI-MITE and the predatory bug THRIPOR.