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against vine weevil

LARVANEM contains nematodes that are used for the biological control of larvae and pupae of the black vine weevil and other beetle species. The nematodes are effective as soon as the soil temperature reaches 14°C. The soil must be moist at all times. This product can be applied both indoors and outdoors. The product should be dissolved and diluted in water, after which it is distributed over the soil. The most common package of LARVANEM contains 50 million nematodes, which suffices for 50 - 100 m² . In addition, a bigger package of 500 million nematodes is available. This is sufficient for 500 - 1000 m².

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Product type
vine weevil, cockchafer, garden chafer, broad-nosed weevil
Shelf life
several weeks at 6°C
Duration of effect
Delivery time
2 - 3 days
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The product LARVANEM contains the nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora. DThese nametodes can be used for the biological control of larvae and pupae of the black vine weevil and other beetle species. The larvae and pupae of beetles live in the soil; while adult beetles reside aboveground.

How does LARVANEM work?

After the nematodes have been distributed over the soil; they start to look for host larvae; which they will enter through openings in the body. They transfer bacteria which infect and eventually kill the beetle larvae. Infected larvae discolour from white to pink/red and stop feeding from plant roots. The nematodes are effective against beetle larvae and pupae and have no effect against adult beetles. Both before and after the distribution of the nematodes; the soil needs to be moist. The nematodes require a moisty environment to be able to move through the soil. Under moist circumstances; the effectivity exceeds 95%. The soil temperature needs to be at least 14ºC. By targetting the larvae and pupae of beetles; development of adult beetles is stopped and no new eggs will be deposited in the soil. This leads to a reduction of the pest population.

How to combine LARVANEM

Beetles can also be controlled with ENTONEM. This product is effective already at a soil temperature of 8°C and can therefore be used in early spring. ENTONEM targets beetle larvae and is not effective against beetle pupae. If the conditions are right; LARVANEM is preferred.