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against mealybug

CRYPTOBUG L are larvae of a predatory beetle that can be used for the biological control of various mealybug species. The product is perfect for application in greenhouses and other indoor environments. CRYPTOBUG L is available for our business customers in units of 1000 larvae. For both business and private customers, CRYPTOLAEMUS MONTROUZIERI larvae, a product of our own rearing, is also available.

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Product type
predatory beetle
500 ml plastic bottle with 1000 larvae of the predatory beetle
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
1-3 weeks
Delivery time
1- 2 days
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This products contains larvae of the predatory beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri. These larvae are covered in white; waxy filaments and resemble mealybugs. However; the beetle larvae move faster and are fluffier than the mealybugs.

How does CRYPTOBUG L work?

The beetle larvae eat all stages of mealybug. However; they have a preference for smaller stages; especially when the larvae themselves are still small. The larvae feed on the inner parts of the mealybugs; leaving the white; waxy shell of the mealybug behind. Make sure to release the larvae close to the mealybugs; since the larvae are not very mobile. CRYPTOBUG L can be applied to control virtually all mealybug species and they are especially effective at removing mealybug hot spots. An effect is visible within one week.

How to combine CRYPTOBUG L?

The larvae of CRYPTOBUG L remove mealybug hot spots. To target the more dispersed mealybugs; we recommend to combine them with parasitoids; such as LEPTOMASTIX DACTYLOPII and LEPTOMASTIDEA ABNORMIS against citrus mealybug or CRYPTANUSIA AUREISCUTELLUM and ANAGYRUS FUSCIVENTRIS against long-tailed mealybug. Parasitoids are great searchers and can establish in the crop; while the introduction of CRYPTOBUG L has to be repeated several times.