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against aphids

APHILIN is a parasitoid that can be used for the biological control of aphids. It is especially effective against foxglove aphid and potato aphid in greenhouses. The product is packaged per 500 pupae in a bottle with saw dust. APHILIN is only available for our business customers.

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Product type
potato aphid, foxglove aphid, green peach aphid
small bottle with 500 mummies on woodfibres
Shelf life
1 day at 8-10°C
Duration of effect
2-5 weeks
Delivery time
2 - 3 days
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What is APHILIN?

APHILIN contains the parasitoid Aphilinus abdominalis which is often used in the biological control of foxglove aphid and potato aphid. It also works against peach aphid. This parasitoid is about 2;5 mm in size; black with yellow and quite compact.

Hoe does APHILIN work?

The female parasitoids parasitize the aphids. After about two weeks the parasitoid's activity becomes visible in the crop. The parasitized aphids have changed into a leathery black mummy. The young parasitoid emerges from the pupae through a frayed hole. The effectivity of APHILIN can be compromised when hyperparasitization occurs. Hyperparasitization can be recognized by the hatched mummy. The parasitoid is not very mobile. Therefore it is best to release it between the infested plants.

How to combine APHILIN

A great combination is ERVIBANK. This is an open rearing system of parasitoids against aphids on grain. The grain is infested with grain aphids; a species that is specific to this grain and thus will not become a pest in the target crop. The grain aphids serve as a continuous rearing system for the parasitoids who will look for aphids in the crop.