(Sticky) traps and pheromones


Effective against moths, thrips and true bugs

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Which pheromones do we have available?

Several pheromones can be ordered via our webshop*:

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How do pheromones work?

We supply several types of pheromones. Pheromones are species-specific attractants which can be used to signal and trap pests. They are applied in combination with a trap or sticky trap.

Pheromones are mostly used to detect the presence of moths. Many different pheromones are available for this group. The pheromones consist of a species-specific attractant that female moths produce to lure males. Hence, with such a pheromone, only male moths are attracted. However, where males are present, females are too, so when males are caught, it is a sign that biological control is necessary.

In addition to moths, there are also pheromones for thrips and true bugs. There pheromones are supplied in a capsule, the dispenser. As soon as this dispenser is placed in a warm greenhouse, it gradually starts to release the pheromone over the course of a month. After a month, the dispenser should be replaced. Dispensers can be stored in the freezer for several months.

Combine pheromones with

DELTAVAL 200x200


Combined with pheromones effective against
– Moths, true bugs and thrips

BUXATRAP 200x200


Combined with pheromones effective against
– Moths
– True bugs
– Thrips