How to recognize mottled arum aphid 

The mottled arum aphid is a medium sized (1.2-1.6 mm) round to oval shaped aphid. Its colour is shiny, light yellow-greensometimes almost white, with dark crossbands and paired spots on the thorax. Antennae are longer than the body. Siphons, cauda and legs are lightly coloured. The body is coloured with dark stripes with a horseshoe-shaped spot on the back. 

Gevlekte bladluis

Mottled arum aphid damage 

The mottled arum aphid produces large colonies which rapidly hamper plant growth and eventually cause plant death when not controlled. Even a small number of aphids cause nuisance with the production of honeydew. The fungus that grows on the honeydew hampers photosynthesis. Mottled arum aphid is known for being a virus vector. 

Mottled arum aphid life cycle

  • parthenogenetic reproduction
  • viviparous females
  • only female offspring

Mottled arum aphid host plants

  • very polyphagous
  • chrysant, begonia and fuchsia
  • paprika
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Mottled arum aphid
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