(Sticky) traps and pheromones

HORIVER Sticky traps

Yellow or blue

To trap thrips, whitefly, aphids and fungus gnats

The product

Sticky traps

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What do sticky traps look like?

As the name indicates the traps are covered with an adhesive layer. Sticky traps are available in three colors: yellow, blue and black. Yellow is especially suitable for detecting whitefly, aphids, leaf miner and sciarid flies, while blue more effective for signaling thrips. Black sticky traps are only used for signaling the moth Tuta absoluta.

Sticky traps are available in three sizes: 25 x 10 cm, 25 x 20 cm and 25 x 40 cm. They are packed per set: small traps per 10, medium per 22 and large per 12. All traps are covered with a grid so that trapped insects can easily be counted. To hang sticky traps in the greenhouse, metal holders are available that can be attached with a magnet.

How do sticky traps work?

Sticky traps and other traps are useful tools for detecting pests, while at the same time they also catch a part of the pest, reducing the population. The color of the sticky traps attracts flying insects to the sticky traps. Due to the strong glue on the traps, the insects immediately get stuck. By counting the insects that are trapped, the development of the pest population can be monitored.

When can sticky traps be applied?

Sticky traps are mostly used in greenhouses to detect pests.

Other traps

BUXATRAP 200x200


Combined with pheromones effective against
– Moths, true bugs and thrips

DELTAVAL 200x200


Combined with pheromones effective against
– Moths, true bugs and thrips

Lygus phermone 150x150


Effective against
– Moths
– True bugs
– Thrips