How to recognize Florida red scale 

The cover of Florida red scale females is red-brown to black with a diameter of approx. 2 mm. Males are about half the length of females. Their cover is elongated and lighter of color. The youngest stage (crawlers) can be spread by wind. After settling on a plant, they will become immobile and grow into adult scales. 

Florida red scale damage 

Florida red scales prefer shade and can be found on both sides of hostplant. Heavy infestation causes leaf yellowing, which is often followed by leaf drop. 

Florida Red Scale Chrysomphalus aonidum
Florida Red Scale

Life cycle Florida red scale

  • 50 - 150 eggs per female in 1-8 weeks
  • egg to adult in 7-16 weeks, depending on the temperature
  • crawlers can disperse via air currents
  • several generations per year in heated greenhouses

Host plants Florida red scale

  • very polyphagous
  • many ornamental crops, such as palms
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