How to recognize the Australian cockroach 

The Australian cockroach is 31-37 mm in size, darker coloured than the American cockroach and with a lightyellow stripe on each front wing. The thorax has a remarkable bright cross-band. Egg parcels contain 22-24 eggs. The egg parcels are often deposited on trunks or stems, ridges of pots or against walls, always on places with rough surfaces. 

Australian cockroach Periplaneta australasiae young
A young Australian cockroach
Australian cockroach Periplaneta australasiae ootheca
Australian cockroach egg parcel

Australian cockroach damage and distribution 

The Australian cockroach can survive on a completely plant-based diet. It is a tropical species and cannot survive indoors in the Netherlands. It is often found in tropical botanical gardens. Here, this species can develop large populations that cause large damage to flower and plants. 

Australian cockroach life cycle

  • 20-30 egg parcels per female
  • egg stage takes 40 days at 30 °C
  • larval stage takes many months
  • adults live about 6 months

Australian cockroach host plants

  • eats many different plants and flowers
  • often in tropical greenhouses
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Common cockroach species

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Australian cockroach
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