How to recognize armadillo weevil 

Adult armadillo weevils are slightly larger than black vine weevils and can be recognized by their wide, heart shaped abdomen. The armadillo weevil has, unlike the black vine weevil, no yellow spots on the abdomen. They are not able to fly. Larvae have a white body and brown head. Armadillo weevils are, in contrast to black vine weevils, mainly active during the day.  

Armadillo weevil Otiorhynchus salicicola
Armadillo weevil

Armadillo weevil damage 

Armadillo weevils cause feeding damage which is mostly considered as cosmetic damage. It can be recognized as round bites from the leaf edges. Larvae feed from plant roots and can cause major damage. When they emerge from the eggs, larvae will start feeding from the smallest roots. As they grow larger, larger roots, root tubers, rhizomes and even bark of woody stems are consumed. A plant with a damaged root system is weakened and extra vulnerable for secondary diseases, like for example fungi. With heavy infestations plants wither and die. 

Our products against

Armadillo weevil

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Common beetle species

Black vine weevil
Armadillo weevil

Garden chafer