Eretmocerus eremicus and Encarsia formosa

Effective against greenhouse whitefly and tobacco whitefly

The product


What does ENERMIX look like? 

ENERMIX is a product that contains the parasitoids Encarsia formosa and Eretmocerus eremicus. Females of Encarsia formosa have a dark brown to black head and thorax and a yellow abdomen. The males are completely black, but are rarely found. The parasitoid is approximately 0.6 mm in size. All developmental stages (except adults) occur inside the host (larvae or pupae of whiteflies). Halfway development, greenhouse whitefly turns black and tobacco whitefly brown due to the developing parasitoid. 

Females of Eretmocerus eremicus are bright yellow with green eyes. The males are dark yellow to brown. Female antennae consist of five segments, while male antennae only consist of three. The parasitoid is about 0.75 mm in size. All developmental stages, except adultsoccur inside the host (larvae or pupae of whiteflies). The pupal skin of the whitefly turns yellow during development of the parasitoid. This does not depend on the whitefly species. The adults emerge through a round hole. 

ENERMIX Eretmocerus eremicus
Eretmocerus eremicus
EN-STRIP Encarsia formosa female
Encarsia formosa
How does ENERMIX work? 

ENERMIX is a product that contains pupae of two different parasitoid species that control whitefly. The pupae are glued on cards and emerge after a few days at 20 °C. Both parasitoid species parasitize both greenhouse and tobacco whitefly larvaeAll whitefly developmental stages are controlledbut Eretmocerus ermicus parsitizes has a preference for the second and third stage, while Encarsia formosa prefers the third and fourth stage. Whitefly larvae are also killed by the adult parasitoids during the process of host feeding. Eretmocerus eremicus is better adapted to high temperatures (above 30°C). 

When can ENERMIX be applied? 

ENERMIX is used to control greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) and tobacco whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in greenhouses and indoor plantings. The product can also be used in private greenhouses if the temperature does not drop below 17°C. Consider multiple introductions. The product is sensitive to several chemical pesticides. Ask advice for deployment strategies. 

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