Predatory mite


Amblydromalus limonicus

Effective against various thrips, whiteflies and mites

The product


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What does LIMONICA look like? 

The adult predatory mites are about 0,4 mm in size, beige-pink and have short legs. Their body is drop-shaped and somewhat flattened. Due to their size and colour, it is difficult to locate them in the crop. The nymphs are pale brownBoth nymphs and adults are very mobile. The eggs are oval and translucent white. The predatory mite is mainly found in corners of main veins, secondary veins and flowers.  

How does LIMONICA work? 

The predatory mites pierce their prey and feed on the contents. Besides thrips, whitefly and mites, LIMONICA also eats pollen, which makes it suitable for preventive use. 

When can LIMONICA be applied? 

LIMONICA is used in greenhouses on various crops (except tomato) and indoor plantings to control thripswhitefly and different mite species. Consider multiple introductions. The product is sensitive to several chemical pesticides. Ask advice for deployment strategies. 


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