Steinernema feltiae

Effective against oak processionary, fungus gnats, thrips pupae, vine weevils and cockchafers

The product


What does ENTONEM look like?

The product ENTONEM contains insect parasitic nematodes in the third larval stage. The nematodes are 0.5-0.6 mm long and not visible with the naked eye. Other stages beside the third larval stage develop in the host. Sciarid larvae infected by Steinernema turn an opaque white-yellow color. The insect is slimey and is often difficult to find. The nematodes are packed in a gel that is easily soluble in water.

ENTONEM nematodes
ENTONEM nematodes
How does ENTONEM work?

ENTONEM can be used to control all larval stages of sciarid flies (fungus gnats). The nematodes enter the body of the host through one of the body openings. In the gut of the nematode there are bacteria that are released in the host. The bacteria causes the insect to die from septicemia. The insect is then converted into food for the nematodes. In principle, one nematode is enough to kill an insect. Fungus gnats can be parasitized at any stage.

When can ENTONEM be applied?

ENTONEM is used in soil in greenhouses and indoor plantings against larvae of sciarid flies (Sciaridae) and pupae of thrips. It can also be used against vine weevil larvae when the soil temperature is still too low for the use of LARVANEM. Leaf treatment of thrips larvae is also possible. Be aware of repeated introductions. The product is sensitive to various chemical crop protection agents. Ask advice for deployment strategy.

Alternative products

LARVANEM: Heterorhabditis bacteriophora for the biological control of beetle larvae


Effective against
– Garden chafer
– Black vine weevil
– Cockchafer
– Armadillo weevil


Effective against
– Several beetles
– Caterpillars


Effective against
– Fungus gnats
– Several thrips
– European pepper moth