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Effective against box tree moth

The product



BUXATRAP attractant

What does the BUXATRAP look like?

The BUXATRAP is a green plastic trap that consists of several parts. The plastic capsule with attractant can be placed in the pheromone holder. The capsule must not be opened.

How does BUXATRAP work?

The trap catches adult flying males of the boxtree moth. The moths are lured to the trap by means of a specific attractant (species-specific sex pheromone).

When can BUXATRAP be applied?

Place the trap just before the moths start flying. The period that the moths fly is from May-June to the end of November. If moths are present, the effect is visible immediately after installation. One trap per 200 m² or one trap per 100 linear meters is sufficient. Replace the pheromone capsule every eight weeks.

BUXATRAP schematic view
BUXATRAP schematic view

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